Making web3 accessible for all languages.

The goal of LanguageDAO is to lower language barriers in web3 by providing translation, interpretation, education, and advocacy.

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A subDAO of PeopleDAO

PeopleDAO incubated LanguageDAO. We inherit PeopleDAOs marketing reach, legitimacy, and human resources.



We can do translations in Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese, French, Haitian Creole, Croatian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Burmese and growing.

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Serving Ethereum

Our clients include CultDAO, PizzaDAO, PeopleDAO, and PandaDAO.

Buy translations, fund public goods

Our core service is translating written content like whitepapers and marketing materials. Additionally, we also interpret conference calls like DAO Twitter Spaces. Web3 communication often features technical jargon and regional slang that defy automated translation solutions. We utilize verified translators and employ review by native speakers to ensure high quality.

Revenue generated from these services funds public goods: free education promoting intercultural exchange, and advocacy to lower language barriers in web3. Read more in our whitepaper.